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This is the new generator that Spooky2 was exclusively designed for. Like best friends, they belong together. Please Click the Link Below If You Are Willing to Place Orders Online!


For information on the Spooky2 system and how you can empower yourself, please visit the official http://spooky2.com/.


The Spooky2 Generator has two precision controlled DDS arbitrary output signal outputs controlled by a high-speed FPGA + ARM microprocessor. This is a modern, leading edge signal generator that allows you to use Spooky2 in a simple system or part of a more complex system. The possibilities are endless.


Main Features:  


1.Precise signal generation using direct digital synthesis and FPGA / ARM technology.
2.Ultra-low power consumption.
3.Exceptionally stable signal waveform generation.
4.Specifications exclusively approved and supported by the author of Spooky2.




 Waveforms                                  Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Inverted Sawtooth, Triangle, Damped Sine, Damped Square, H-Bomb, Square H-Bomb                             
 Sine Wave Distortion   0.3% (20Hz ~ 20KHz)
 Square wave rise and fall time  <20ns
 Frequency range  0 ~ 10MHz
 Resolution  < 600 Hz 5 DP. > 600 Hz 2 DP.
 Frequency error  ± 5 × 10-6
 Frequency stability  ± 1 × 10-6
 Output impedance   50Ω ± 10%
 Amplitude Range  10mVp-p ~ 20Vp-p
 Amplitude resolution  40mV
 Amplitude Stability  ± 0.5% (5 HOURS )
 Amplitude errors  (± 1% +20 mV) ( frequency 1KHz, 20 Vp-p)
 Duty Cycle Range    0.1% to +99.9 %
 Phase Angle Range  0.1% to + 99.9 %
 Interface   USB
 Net Weight  ~ 0.45kg
 Gross Weight  0.9kg



Package Includes:


1 x Spooky2 Generator
1 x 5V Power supply 
1 x Signal Output Cable suitable for Spooky Tube.






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